Artist Statement

We do not create inside a vacuum.  We work with nature to create–I examine the inner workings of co-creation with my art.  Often my subjects are gems or diamonds because they represent two slow and sequential processes that require a unique wisdom and artistry. I painstakingly hand draw and paint each gem at a grand scale to evoke abstractionism out of a realistic portrait, and allow the creation to reflect back pictures and stories for the observer. We all desire beauty, prosperity and abundance, but the definition of such is different for each person.  What pictures and stories reveal themselves?  The Earth’s calendar of time and space provide an ordered window, and filter of color and cut to each observation.

Some books are written in symbols.



Author Bio

Ginny Heenan is an award-winning Bay Area artist who painted several children’s portraits that turned into stories. She wrote this book to help children with allergies see themselves positively through the eyes of an artist. She received a BA in Legal Studies from University of California in Berkeley and a Masters in Education University of Phoenix. She lives in Belmont, CA



Green Technique

Ginny maintains a non-toxic studio.  Traditional oil painting involves solvents and other toxic chemicals.  Ginny learned a non-toxic approach through a great teacher and artist, Rebecca J. Alex.  Instead of paint thinners, OMS (Odorless Mineral Spirits), or toxic mediums– she employs the use of all-natural, non-toxic walnut oils.  No solvents are ever used.  This method is also archival because only natural oils and pigments make up a painting.  Ginny creates art that is earth-friendly and